Gardening with GoodGym

This World Environment Day we want to give a big shout out to the good people at GoodGym Bristol who recently ran over to St Werburghs to tidy our garden ahead of the cooking and gardening group we’re launching for preschoolers.

Looking after our local environment is vital for our community especially when many of the people who use our garden don’t have outdoor space of their own to enjoy. Some people love to pop by just to water our plants or sit peacefully in the sunshine. Our garden is also a valuable resource for people to come and learn about plants and to feel more connected to their community. Our growing space may be urban but we’re really proud of it!

Thousands of people benefit from our garden each year, including growing groups, families and visitors to Neck of the Woods cafe. Staff, tenants and workshop / conference attendees will find any excuse to hold break-out groups or meetings on our picnic benches.

We’re incredibly grateful to GoodGym for treating our garden with such care as their team swept, watered and weeded with gusto. We’re thrilled they enjoyed their time in our garden.

Here’s the blog they kindly wrote a blog about their visit: GoodGym Bristol – Double Becker.

Photos: GoodGym

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