Green Feast Pledges

Pledges from our March 2023 Green Feast event

At our March Green Feast guests identified various ways that they could make a difference in their own homes and within their wider community. Read on below to see what they have pledged.

Thanks to Quartet Community Foundation and Bristol City Council for supporting our Green Feast events.

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  1. Cut the wrap

    Cut the wrap
  2. Cut down on shopping

    Cut down on shopping
  3. Drive less

    Drive less
  4. Cut down on fuel

    Cut down on fuel
  5. Feed the birds

    Feed the birds
  6. Cheers drive!

    Cheers drive!
  7. Light less, recycle more

    Light less, recycle more
  8. Get recycling!

    Get recycling!
  9. No meat anymore

    No meat anymore
  10. Garden organic

    Garden organic
  11. Grow my own

    Grow my own
  12. Plastic fantastic

    Plastic fantastic
  13. Period pledge

    Period pledge
  14. Focus on food waste

    Focus on food waste
  15. Get on my bike

    Get on my bike
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